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Hello,  I am David Zunker. I am a life-long mystic and student of the esoteric and occult. I was raised in suburban mid-west USA, as a Catholic. As a child I conversed with my Guardian Angel. I was meditating at 15, after I read about the Beatles hanging out with the Maharishi. I was studying Astrology at 17, using Tarot at 23. I picked up Palmistry as a Reader in restuarants in downtown Vancouver, BC. I was fortunate to connect with my teacher in Qabalistic Ceremonial Magic at 29. She was Phyllis Squires, a member of The Servants of the Light and involved in the Vancouver Theosophical Society. After Ms. Squires passed we carried on with the Serendipity Celestial College, which continues as my Magic Study Group. When I was 38 was trained in Wicca style Witchcraft in the Order of the Star Sapphire with Mr. D. Parker in New Westminister, BC. I consider myself an inner plane initiated Pagan Priest.

I counsel and consult through my psychic Tarot Readings, Palmistry, and sometimes provide messages through mediumship. I act as a fortune teller, too, and work to provide glimpses of the future; as this is the nature of divination. I provide Astrology services, which describe your life path and the trends for the months ahead. I conduct workshops and ritual events for a few to a few hundred, and I teach classes in Astrology, Tarot Card Reading, Qabalistic Ceremonial Magic, meditation, and meeting Ascended Masters.

I see it as my work to empower people with the sure knowledge of their own individual connection to Spirit/Source and the unshakeable awareness of their own soul.