About Mystic Mountain Lodge

Mystic Mountain Lodge is a place to learn about Magical Practice as a spiritual path. I provide a range of Astology services, psychic Tarot/Palmistry Readings, and potentially Mediumship. I teach classes, tutor, and conduct workshops in Tarot, Astrology, meditation, Qabalistic Ceremonial Magic, Wicca, and Earth Based magical practice. I conduct events of Ceremony and Ritual for public and private gatherings. I have conducted inclusive family friendly Pagan Goddess Primary Earth Magic Ceremonies for 10 to 1000 participants. I, also, sell Magical Crafts; see my current Magic Wands.

Mystic Mountain Lodge presently exists in cyberspace as the web presence for myself, David Zunker. It has been in existence in some form; primarily as a Horoscope Column and Astrological Services since 1996. This incarnation of Mystic Mountain Lodge is an amalgamation of much of my esoteric and spiritual work. 

I was raised Catholic "lite" and have a liberal Christian background. However, I am definitely not a Christian. I am a Goddess Primary Pagan Priest. I have been actively pursuing esoteric understanding since I was a child, when I was intrinsically aware of my Guardian Angel and past lives. When I was 15 and I heard about the Beatles hanging out with the Maharishi, I tried meditation without any research or instruction. I succeeded in launching my inner sight and sensation across the galaxy. 

I undertook the study of Astrology at 17 and Tarot at 22. At 20 I had a vision of The Goddess, which transformed my perspective on spirituality. (An account of this experience is on this site in the Wit and Wisdom pages.) At 29 years I met Phyllis Squires, who was a past President of the Vancouver Theosophical Society. She invited me to learn Qabalistic Ceremonial White Magic from and with her. We worked together at least 2x a week for the next 3 years, until she became too ill and passed on. Before she passed she aided our small fellowship in the creation of the Serendipity Celestial College or the SCC, which continues as Magic Study Group to this day. At 37, I became a Wiccan, as a student and initiate of the Order of the Emerald Star under tutelage of Mr. Don Parker, in New Westminster, BC.

Over the decades I have developed a career of service as a community support worker, and raised good hearted children. Now retired, I have time to devote to teaching and sharing the knowledge that I have been fortunate to learn.

We have been encouraged by the eager and receptive people, with whom we have connected in our ceremonies, events, and workshops at transformational festivals. We would like to thank those who have invited us to share our spiritual knowledge at Shambhala Music Festival, Lucidity Festival, Electric Love, the Victoria Intuitive Arts Fairs, and other local events. We continue to present our knowledge and techniques for connecting to Spirit through festivals and fairs, such as these.