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Arrange a Reading or Astrology Chart interpretation.

Inquire about our Classes and Workshops for various topics.  We provide classes and tutoring for Astrology, Tarot, Meditation, Qabalistic Ceremonial White Magic, Earth Based Spirituality, Personal Ritual, and Spell Crafting. We present workshops about meditation and mindfulness techniques, which present the individuals participating with their own personal connection the to the Spiritual reality within and around them. We create magicly themed gifts, too.

"Have Altar, Will Travel"

 Blessings, Opening Ceremonies, Seasonal Celebrations/Sabats, and Weddings (not legal, liscensed representative to provide marriage solumnization required). We conduct Pagan/Witch themed Earth Positive events that may be public or private. We are comfortable working with a few to a few hundred people. Please, feel free to ask about our varied services as Pagan clergy.

Mystic Mountain Lodge

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