Astrology Services

 Birth Chart Interpretation: 

Learn how your unique beginning in time and space describes your more positive, purposeful, and fulfilling life. And the trends for the year ahead.  An hour and a half to two hours recorded in person or recorded for you, with hard copy Astrology Chart and data. 

$130 us or cdn

Speak with our representative250.686.4195

Psychic Tarot Readings 

Tarot Reading:

I provide a Tarot Card Reading that takes 20 minutes to an hour long. I communicate the message, rather than timing the Reading. I endeavour to provide practical and relateable information, with a look into the future. These Readings may include Palmistry and or Mediumship. We may meet in person, or through Skype, Facebook or Google video chat, telephone, or email.

$50 us or cdn

Astrological Forcast for the Year Ahead: 

All first-time clients must have had a Birth Chart Interpretation first. Once you are a client another Forecast for the Year Ahead is a 1/2 to 1 hour. It is a list of dates and periods of time, which are discribed with their specific characteristics for your benifit and/or protection from difficulties.  


Other Astrological Services:

Astrology has applications for finding a favourable time for an event or significant action, such as: relationships,  weddings, legal signings, applications, major expenditures, business decisions, etc. 

Fees vary 

 Workshops, Classes, Ritual Events: 

 You may catch us conducting Workshops and Rituals at Transformational Festivals and commercial and community  events.  We are available for public, private, community, and business events. These facilitated events may be designed to  suite your needs. Everything we do is magical and spiritual. 

 Workshops and Events such a:

 * "The Middle Pillar and Robert Anton Wilson's Ungrounding Exercise",

 * "Tarot as a Spiritual Path: An Introduction to Qabalistic Pathworking",

 * "An Ascended Masters Experience: Meeting The Brotherhood (& Sisterhood) of the Diamond Light",

 * "Spell Work with Candles and Oils",

 * Opening and Closing Ceremonies for events large and small,

 * "The Spiral Dance"

 * "The Witches' Cone of Power"

 Please feel free to make an inquirey. 

  Fees Vary