A Yes or No Tarot Spread:

Think of a Yes or No question as you shuffle the deck to create a random selection in any manner that is comfortable. Cut the deck while focusing upon the question in your preferred manner.

Lay out from the top of the prepared deck 5 piles, one at a time, face up, left to right. When an Ace appears, stop with it appearing at the top and start the next pile. If no Ace appears stop at 13 cards, then move on to start the next pile.

Look at the 5 piles of face up cards. If there are 4 Aces – Definitely Yes, 3 Aces – Probably Yes, 2 Aces – Maybe Yes and Maybe No, 1 Ace – Probably No, 0 Aces – Definitely No. The suites of the Aces and the other top cards may also be read to add to the Reading.

The Christ Consciousness Tarot or the What Would Jesus Do Tarot: 

Is my original Tarot Deck. It is a Hermetic Qabalistic Tarot where each card is associated with a verse from The Gospels, which describes its meaning. A Tarot Deck designed to a traditional system and offerring a spiritual point of view. The book is almost complete and the illustrations are now being created. Here are some previous trys. I will be looking for a major publisher, or look for us on a fundraiser platform.

This video of Tarot instruction will connect you to over 80 videos on my YouTube Channel about Tarot, Astrology, humour, and Magick.