"If you are looking for a Reader who is kind, sincere, and accurate - look no further. David makes you feel welcome, holds sacred space with you, and takes the time to explain what he is divining on your behalf. He is understanding and caring, and will leave you with many of your questions answered, and some sage advice and insight for those questions that need more exploration. You won't be disappointed with David's readings, and you may just make a lifelong friend in the process."

“I picked David to get a reading from around 30 other people at a fair. His energy seemed soft and I felt like he had a message for me. His tarot reading was unique and even blended in spirit guides who were looking over me. I also loved how he blended astrology into the mix. Thanks for the reading David - was very inspiring.”

Janice K.
“I had a personal reading by David Zunker a while ago. I felt his calmness and spirit touched on my life as it was and now where my journey is going. I highly recommend him to you to explore your unknown.“

Josh and Erin
“David Zunker did a reading for my boyfriend and I. He provided a wonderful overview of the qualities of the energies at play in our natal charts and as well as how they influence and interact with all aspects of lives. His overview of the transits in the year ahead were very in-depth and helpful as well. Zunker does a very clear and in-depth reading that is not loaded with confusing jargon and is easily applicable to guidance in one’s life and path of spiritual evolution. We are very grateful :)”